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GSN Network

The physical infrastructure is made from a section of the CANARIE high speed research and education network. This physical infrastructure is made of 1Gbps Layer 2 links between the hub and spoke sites.


Core Network

The core network consists of the Canadian partners only, connecting the sites together in an extended LAN. This choice is motivated the hypervisor's ability to migrate virtual machines only within LAN environments. For now, this infrastructure cannot be routed.

  • Rackforce Networks : A hub node powered by 95% hydroelectricity
  • École de Technologie Supérieure (Synchromedia): A hub node powered by 98% hyrdroelectricity
  • Communications Research Centre : A spoke node that is solar powered
  • Cybera Inc : A spoke node that is solar powered


Extended Network

The extended network includes all the international partners and other participating sites in addition to the core network. These partners are expected to join throughout the course of this project.




European Nodes

  • HEANet: A wind and a solar powered hub nodes are installed
  • i2Cat: A solar powered node will be installed
  • NORDUNet : A geothermal node is installed
  • IBBT: A node will be installed


US Nodes

  • University of California in San Diego (Calit2) : A spoke node is installed a that location
  • Northern Carolina : A spoke node will be installed at that location
  • Starlight : A spoke node will be installed at that location



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